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Book a House Concert with Stacey Joy

Yesterday was the spring equinox.
The sun has left the southern hemisphere and moved into the northern sky. From here, the days grow longer and warmer; snows melt, blossoms and flowers bloom, eggs hatch, seeds are sown, life begins anew. It’s also a time for wandering musicians to head north again.
This year we’re only going to be touring in North America for three months, from May until July, and hope to re-connect with as many of you as possible during this time. Connection, for me, is what music is all about – real, personal, soul connection. It’s why I write songs and sing, and constantly travel: to bring people together, to play, to remember and revel in the magic of life.
Playing live is my passion, whether it’s a festival, a dedicated venue, a winery, a wedding, a yoga space, a farmers’ market, or next to a campfire on a deserted beach, with only the stars to hear me. Best of all, though, are house concerts and special events; intimate spaces where friends and family come together to enjoy connecting with music, the artist, and each other.
If you feel inspired to have us to play at your home or special event, get in touch here, or email: – Be quick, as we’re booking our spring and summer dates now!
 This is a video mix of a house concert we did down here in Baja Sur, Mexico, at the stunning Buena Fortuna Botanical Reserve. I hope you enjoy it.
 I wish you all a happy and hope-filled spring.
 Much Love,
 Stacey Joy

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