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The Journey Unfolds – Stacey Joy’s new landmark album released today!


The Journey Unfolds Front and Back Covers

Recorded at Third Eye Studios in Tijeras, New Mexico, The Journey Unfolds captures the Acoustic Soul essence of Stacey Joy’s music like nothing before. Smooth, sultry, lyrical and uplifting, this blend of Americana, swing, folk, blues and world grooves feels both timely and timeless. It’s an album that invites you to discover its magic and pass it on.

Simply put, it’s too good not to share.

There’s a very raw and real sensation of living life to the full and standing strong and true that permeates the whole record. It’s the perfect soundtrack for a road trip, a rainy day by the fireside, a party with your favorite people. Pretty much most situations we find ourselves in.

Stacey Joy’s vocal delivery is sensual, soulful, powerful and spellbinding. Her songs are immaculately crafted, and the quality of the musicianship and production here is second to none. Guitar virtuoso Daniel Ward, percussion maestro John Bartlit, horn and woodwind wizard David Francis, multi-instrumentalist and arranger Matheu DeSilva, and every other member of the liquid Silver Gypsy Band – not to mention Stacey Joy herself on piano, guitar, Rhodes organ and Native flute – turn in beautifully nuanced and breathtakingly on-point performances.

Every song is a journey all its own. From the searing, soaring flamenco-folk of the opening track ‘Wanderer’, to the soulful down-to-earth blues of ‘My Father’, to the swinging Brazilian-funk inspired ‘Do What You Do’, to the otherworldly gypsy mash-up of ‘Circus Ego’, each has it’s own unique flavor and feel. However, The Journey Unfolds is an album in the old-fashioned sense. It should be listened to, at least the first time, from beginning to end in a darkened room on very good headphones. Then each song, like all the journeys we take in life, will meld into one lingering, transformative voyage of discovery.

So what are you waiting for?

Let the journey unfold….

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