January 1, 2016 by Blog

Sound Healing

“Take a breath and rest awhile,

It’s a long way we’ve come

This road we’ve traveled on.” – Simple Peace


Before Stacey became a professional musician she was a body worker and yoga instructor. The impact of these healing vocations have inspired her to develop a unique sound healing experience designed to balance chi and align chakras.

“If it wasn’t for yoga I’d never have become a singer. I was a musician, but my voice was closed off to me. I felt I couldn’t sing. I didn’t have the confidence to open myself up in that way. But through yogic practice, workshops and healing bodywork I was able to step into my power and deliver my songs for the first time. It was an awakening that changed my life. The sound healing journeys are a way for me to give something back, to assist others in opening up their potential, to leave fear behind, and soar.”

If you’re a yogi or yogini and you would like to feel this unique offering resonate through your studio contact us here to make the arrangements.

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