December 15, 2015 by Blog

Breedlove for Christmas

Stacey Joy received a special piece of news this Christmas – an offer from guitar-makers Breedlove Guitars to become one of their endorsed artists!  She’s been playing a Breedlove guitar exclusively ever since discovering this extraordinary brand in November 2014.
 Here’s what she has to say about her Breedlove guitar:
“The first time I discovered Breedlove guitars I was in a huge store looking for the perfect guitar. I’d just finished my first tour and was ready to start writing some new songs. The guitar I’d been using hadn’t stood up to the rigours of touring very well, and I knew it was time to invest in something a little more robust.
 Beyond that, there was the sound to consider… I’d never found a guitar that matched up to what I heard in my imagination. And that was frustrating.
 I worked my way through the racks of guitars. The big name brands left me cold, which came as something of a shock. There was no doubting the quality of some of them. But there was always something missing in the way they sounded.
 Then I picked up a Breedlove. It was a beautiful guitar with a full mahogany body. I was spellbound by the look and feel of it, but I’d spent so many hours being disappointed I was afraid to play it lest the magic be lost on the first strum.
I didn’t have to worry. The warmth and richness of the tone was exactly what I’d been searching for. It was love at first play, and we’ve been together ever since!”

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